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Who we are

Who we are:

Founded in 2015, NV Biotech is a UK company behind legacy brands Canavape®, ECS®, Natures Vapes® & Envium®. Cannabinoids have taken the centre stage within our ever evolving brand portfolio. NV Biotech also supply and distribute raw compounds including: full spectrum extracts, isolated cannabinoids, fractionated oils, & tinctures. NV Biotech is proud to support and participate in the enabling of clinical trials focusing on cannabinoids.

What we do:

NV Biotech’s team of extraordinary people focus on producing the finest cannabinoid products available. NV Biotech manufacture everything in-house and are committed to utilising advanced testing techniques. This enables us to produce the highest quality, affordable products.  As well as our own in-depth knowledge we also work closely with European supply partners, and are the sole UK distributor of an array of HACCP cannabinoids and cannabis sativa extracts.

Our Quality:

NV Biotech only produces the best quality products. Under the guidance of our in house Ph.D scientist, our production facilities allow us to research, formulate and develop new and exciting products that are free from prohibited substances, heavy metals and pesticides. NV Biotech produce products within our own ISO certified laboratory and has the capability to produce in excess of 30,000 products per day.

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Our Brands


Founded in 2014 Canavape were the 1st company to introduce CBD E liquids to the UK market. In this time Canavape has established itself as the market leader in this ever-evolving space. With a focus on the cardio vascular delivery method, the Canavape range includes classic flavoured CBD e liquids, terpene infused e liquids, & terpene infused dabbing crumbles/extracts. In line with our pioneering history Canavape cbd e liquids also contain concentrated amounts of the ‘stem cell’ cannabinoid CBG.

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ECS is the supplement-based range from NV Biotech for those who want to maintain, support & optimise their endocannabinoid system. With a range consisting of oral tinctures, topical sprays, and balms the ECS® range covers all bases. ECS products are formulated using a combination of CBD, CBG, and essential oils which work in harmony with your bodies endocannabinoid system, ECS products are the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of legal cannabinoids via oral & trans-dermal delivery methods.

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There are many variations of CBD isolate but Envium® leads the way. Enviuim is used in the manufacturing of NV Biotech's core brands and is an active CBD ingredient. Guaranteed consistent purity - Envium delivers in excess of 99% purity. Manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines; Free of residuals & impure elements. Unadulterated: the purest compound in its class. See why our products are different today.

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